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"The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all." -Phillip Renaldi

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Actually Loving Love Actually

Last night, Christmas 2012, I watched Love Actually for the first time. I know. “What?! But it’s the best Christmas movie ever! How have you not seen it?!” Trust me. All those bases were covered by my friends. I just hadn’t seen it and never really had any desire to. Even though Target has it on display for $4.75 every December. I’m not an overly emotional and sappy guy so I thought it’d be cheesy and I’d groan and eye-roll through the entire movie. Well nearly 10 years after it’s initial release, I watchedLove Actually and loved every single minute of it.

To whose surprise? No one’s probably; it’s a damn good movie. But here’s an almost accurate account of my first Love Actually viewing experience.

Boy Requirements

Since I started this blog, I’ve done a bit of dating. Just a bit. I’m not going to speed dating events, nor would I call myself a serial dater, but I’ve dated. And while I’ve never been in a serious relationship and there is no one in my life I’d consider an ‘ex,’ I think I have enough experience to know what I’m looking for. So aside from the obvious things like ‘not crazy’ and ‘cute face,’ here are nine things I eventually want from a boy.

PASSION – I want to date someone who is passionate about something outside of our relationship. Whether he gets excited about a goal, sport, hobby, event, music, movies; I don’t care. I just find passion very attractive. Even if it’s something as simple as writing short stories or collecting playing cards.

BANTER – I want a boy who is quick and funny enough to banter with me on anything and everything. I want to fill the time spent between meaningful conversations with more than stories about his aunt’s fat cat. Don’t get me wrong, I would want to get to know my boyfriend and his family (more on that later) but there’s going to come a point where the flow of new facts and anecdotes slow down and I’d rather fill that void with fun new things we create together. To put it simply, I want someone to make moments with. No one ever looks at their relationship and thinks, “I really loved that one time we talked about how annoying it was when his coworker didn’t make a new pot of coffee again.” I want to be able to look back on my relationship and think something like, “That one time we decided where to eat dinner while doing our impressions of Rihanna was really fucking funny.”


The pancake one BLEW MY MIND!

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She’s my favorite cylon.

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